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Know About UGC NET English Syllabus 2022, Best Books and Tips

The UGC NET English Syllabus 2022 contains information on the topics that will be covered in the exam. It assists you in developing an effective study plan and getting a good start on your studies. The 10 units that constitute the English syllabus cover a wide range of topics and subtopics.

The National Testing Agency conducts the UGC NET exam, which consists of two papers (NTA). The UGC NET Syllabus for Paper 1 is a General Paper required of all applicants, and it covers topics such as general aptitude, teaching, and research. Paper 2 is a subject-based test covering 81 topics.

The English Syllabus of UGC NET for the ‘Assistant Professor’ and ‘Junior Research Fellowship’ exams is provided below that candidates can go through carefully for better understanding.

UGC NET English Syllabus 2022

The UGC NET English Syllabus includes information on the topics included in the exam. The Paper-I Syllabus includes topics such as teaching and reasoning ability, research aptitude, comprehension, and general awareness. The syllabus for Paper II focuses mostly on English subjects. It assesses candidates’ knowledge and expertise in their respective subjects.

The UGC NET exam pattern will have two papers. Paper 1 consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, each earning two points. On English Paper 2, there are 100 questions, each worth two marks. There will be no break between the two publications because they will be delivered in a three-hour block. Only a computer-based exam will be conducted.

NTA UGC NET English Syllabus Paper 2

The NTA UGC NET 2022 English Syllabus includes the following units: Drama, Poetry, Fiction, short story, non-fiction prose, language, and more. The table below lists all of the units with important topics.

UGC NET English Syllabus

Unit 1Drama
Unit 2Poetry
Unit 3Fiction, short story
Unit 4Non-Fictional Prose
Unit 5Language: Basic concepts, theories, and pedagogy. English in Use.
Unit 6English in India: history, evolution, and futures
Unit 7Cultural Studies
Unit 8Literary Criticism
Unit 9Literary Theory post World War II
Unit 10Research Methods and Materials in English

Note: The first four units will be examined through comprehension, passages to assess
the candidate’s critical reading, thinking, and writing skills.

Best Books to Prepare for UGC NET English Syllabus 2022

Candidates can use the books listed below to complete the UGC NET English Syllabus.

Best Books for UGC NET English Syllabus UGC NET English (Paper 2) Exam GuideH.S. Bhatia
UGC NET/SET(JRF & LS) English LiteratureArihant Experts

How to prepare for the UGC NET English Syllabus?

The following are some UGC NET English Paper preparation tips:
● Examine the whole syllabus and examination format for the UGC NET English Section.

● Make a schedule to begin preparing for the exam. Prepare by reviewing past year’s question papers.
● Continue to examine all curriculum areas on a daily basis, and use mock tests to assess your progress.
● Study hard while also keeping your health in check.

Tips to Score Better in the UGC NET English Exam

To score higher in the English paper, candidates must follow the tips outlined below to study the English Syllabus of the UGC NET.

● Do smart work rather than hard effort, and avoid being stressed out while studying for tests.
● It is a good idea to work on your weakest points. Every question from last year’s tests should be practiced.
● Solve the Mock Test and download UGC NET Question Papers to practice and prepare on a regular basis.
● All units should be given equal weight. Don’t start with just one subject. The final exam should have 10 questions from each lesson on average.
● In the last month, try to finish the entire syllabus on time and revise with practice. Concentrate on the fake test to enhance your time management skills.

Know About UGC NET English Syllabus 2022

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