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Sita Ramam Movie Review

Sita Ramam Movie Review

Sita Ramam Movie Review:- is a 2022 Indian Telugu-language period romance film written and directed by Hanu Raghavapudi. Produced by Vyjayanthi Movies and Swapna Cinema, the film stars Dulquer Salmaan and Mrunal Thakur (in her Telugu debut) in lead roles with Rashmika Mandanna in a significant position and Sumanth in the supporting position. Set in 1964, Lieutenant Ram, an orphaned military officer serving on the Kashmir border, will get nameless love letters from Sita Mahalakshmi, after which Ram is on a mission to search out Sita and suggest his love.

Principal photography commenced in April 2021 and resulted in April 2022 with filming happening in Hyderabad, Kashmir, and Russia. The movie’s music was composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar whereas the cinematography was by P. S. Vinod and Shreyas Krishna and modified by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.

Sita Ram was launched theatrically on 5 August 2022 and obtained extremely constructive evaluations from critics and audiences directed in the direction of the story, route, performances of Salmaan and Thakur, cinematography, soundtrack, manufacturing design, and depiction of old-school romance. The movie emerged as an enormous essential and business success, grossing ₹80–98.18 crore in the field workplace. It is, without doubt, one of the highest-grossing Telugu films of 2022.

Sita Ram was initially deliberate to be shot concurrently in Telugu and Tamil languages. However, as a result of the lyrics changes over in Tamil, the monitor “Kaanunna Kalyanam” is reshot in the Tamil model as “Kannukkule

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sita ramam movie
sita ramam movie

DirectorHanu Raghavapudi
StoryHanu Raghavapudi
ScreenplayHanu Raghavapudi
DialogueHanu Raghavapudi, Raj Kumar Kandamudi
CinematographyShreyaas Krishna, P S Vinod
MusicVishal Chandrasekhar
ProducerSwapna Dutt, Priyanka Dutt
ProductionSwapna Cinema, Vyjayanthi Movies
Budget16.2 Cr
Box Office84.38 Cr
OTT PlatformAmazon Prime Video
OTT Release Date2022-09-09
Addtional Info
LyricsAnanth Sriram, Krishnakanth, Sirivennela
SingersS.P.B.Charan, Ramya Behara, Anurag Kulkarni, Sinduri Vishal, Kapil , Chinmayi, Yazin Nizar, Sunita , Hariharan, K.S. Chitra
Art DirectionVaishnavi Reddy
VFXPete Draper, Tarun Pichika
Costume DesignSheetal Sharma
Sita Ramam Movie Review
Sita Ramam Movie Review

Sita Ramam Movie

In 1964, a Pakistani extremist Ansari expects to interrupt the brotherly bond between Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims by utilizing the Indian Army as a pawn by way of his machination, as part of which he sends just a few brainwashed youngsters to dwell in Kashmir as its natives.

In 1985, an aggressive Pakistani rabble-rouser Afreen is demanded by the dean of her college in London to apologize to an Indian philanthropist Anand Mehta for setting his automotive ablaze in retaliation for burning the Pakistani flag. When Afreen repudiates, Mehta asks her to pay a compensation of 10 lakhs INR within a month or else she can be despatched to jail. Afreen undertakes an initiative to reconcile along with her estranged grandfather Abu Tariq, a former Brigadier of the Pakistani Army, and take cash from him. Hence, she flies to Karachi, Pakistan solely to be taught that he died of sickness just a few days in the past and she or he, herself is meant to ship a letter from Indian Army Lieutenant Ram, written in 1965 to Sita Mahalakshmi of Hyderabad, India which her grandfather couldn’t ship by the use of publish. According to Tariq’s will, she would inherit his wealth solely after the letter is delivered to Sita. Left with no alternative, Afreen goes to Noor Jahan Palace, Hyderabad the place the letter is meant however realizes that the palace was donated by its princess Noor Jahan for increased training of women twenty years in the past.

Sita Ramam
Sita Ramam

Sita Ramam Story

Afreen reluctantly enlists the assistance of her Indian senior Balaji and meets Subramanyam, an accountant who labored at the palace for Nawab for about forty years, and inquires about Sita however he does not keep in mind anybody with that title employed within the palace. Afreen decides to chase the main points about Ram believing that it might make them Sita and from an army’s library, she collects particulars about Ram’s regiment and meets his regiment-mate Vikas Varma in Anantapuram with Balaji. Vikas narrates to the duo that in 1965, the brainwashed youngsters established themselves because the natives of Kashmir, and advertently, Ansari leaked their particulars by way of a spy to the Indian Army Major Selvan, who ordered Ram’s superior Vishnu Sharma to assassinate them regardless of Ram’s protests. After the youngsters, aside from one have been killed, Ansari triggered a spiritual riot in Kashmir by scaring Kashmiri Muslims towards the Indian Army, accusing the latter of murdering the youngsters and suspecting them simply because they have been Muslims. Agitated Kashmiri Muslims boycotted the Indian Army and proceeded to burn Agarta, a spot the place Kashmiri Pandits lived. Ram managed to assemble all of the Hindus at a protected place alongside his regiment mates and by exposing Ansari’s conspiracy, cleared the misinterpretation of Muslims inflicting them to place off the hearth and apologize. For their act, Ram and his companions have been appreciated and a reporter Vijayalakshmi arrived at their base to interview them.

Perceiving that Ram was an orphan with none to even write to him, Vijayalakshmi requested everybody on the radio to ship their love for Ram, with herself writing a letter to him addressing him as her son. As an outcome, Ram started to obtain several letters but certainly one of them from Sita Mahalakshmi fascinated him. Sita claimed that she was married to Ram and recollected several incidents of their marriage, that by no means occurred. However, there was no sender’s tackle on the letter leaving Ram unaware of who she was and the way she was regarded. While receiving letters frequently from her, Ram figured out that she would board a prepare to Hyderabad from Delhi by way of a few particulars in certainly one of her letters and boarded the identical prepare with Vikas. He finally discovered her and acknowledged her utilizing a riddle she posed for him in a letter, gave her the replies he had written to her letters, and left her compartment not earlier than telling her to name the landline of his pal Durjoy Sharma of Hyderabad, with whom he could be staying for subsequent few days. Ram and Vikas unintentionally boarded a prepare to Madras and therefore, it took them a while to achieve Hyderabad, the place Ram was damaged to comprehend that Durjoy’s landline was lifeless and felt disillusioned pondering that he couldn’t meet Sita once more. However, she arrived at Durjoy’s home trying to find Ram asking him to overlook her however he refused and she or he left without telling him who she was.

Sita Ramam Movie Review
Sita Ramam Movie Review

Now, Vikas reveals to Afreen and Balaji that he couldn’t meet Ram after that on account of his private issues and offers them Durjoy’s tackle and Vishnu’s contact. Afreen makes a cellphone name to Vishnu by way of a Telephone booth at a bus station however is compelled to disconnect the decision because the bus to Hyderabad is about to depart. Curious that somebody needs to learn about Ram, Vishnu mysteriously postpones his plans to seek Afreen. The latter meets Durjoy and learns what occurred after Sita left.

Ram and Durjoy went for a magic present, which Sita stated she wished Ram to take her to in certainly one of her letters. They efficiently managed to seek out Sita and Ram conversed along with her pal Rekha, who disclosed that Sita was the Bharatanatyam trainer to Princess Noor Jahan. Ram and Sita started to spend time with one another and Ram finally learned that he rescued Sita from riots in Agarta, that is when she had fallen in love with his benevolent nature. Ram dared to idiot the accountant Subramanyam to get into the palace and meet Sita, whom he proposed however she left once more as one thing interrupted her from accepting the proposal. Currently, Durjoy provides Afreen and Balaji with a photograph of Sita, Ram clicked from his digicam which Afreen takes to Subramanyam for him to determine her however realizes by way of a portrait within the palace that Sita is Princess Noor Jahan.

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Afreen and Balaji meet Rekha, who reveals that Noor was in love with Ram however her future prevented her from accepting him. As her household’s belongings in Oman have been captured because of the monetary disaster, her brother engineers a truce providing to get her married to the Prince of Oman. Rekha suggested Noor expose her identification to Ram and she or he was supposed to do it by accompanying him to his household, which wrote him letters. However, throughout these days, Noor felt hooked up to Ram and couldn’t reveal her identification whereas leaving for Kashmir not earlier than anticipating Noor to go along with him however she couldn’t because the Prince of Oman accepted to marry her. whereas unbeknownst to them, a journalist Marthandam clicked their footage and printed them in the newspaper publicizing Noor Jahan’s affair with a typical man. When the Prince of Oman requested proof from Noor by way of an envoy, Noor’s brother requested her to disclose that she had nothing to do with Ram however she imparted that she was in love with Ram and was prepared to offer her property up for him. She left for Kashmir regardless of receiving opposition from her brother and without passing on about her true identification, she spent just a few days with Ram and acquired acquainted with his colleagues and superiors. Now, Rekha provides Noor’s contact to Afreen and Balaji, who be taught that she is in Kashmir and go away to fulfill her over there. Upon touchdown in Kashmir, Afreen is apprehended by Vishnu who tells her the remainder of the story.

Sita Ramam
Sita Ramam

Noor and Ram engaged in a sudden dinner with Vishnu and his spouse Vaidehi when the surviving Pakistani teenager tried to homicide Vishnu, who was rescued by Ram. Ram satisfied {the teenager} of Ansari’s intentions, obtained to find out about his whereabouts, and promised {the teenager} that he would shield his sister Waheeda from Ansari’s clutches. Brigadier Y.Ok. Joshi and Major Selvan assigned Vishnu, Ram, and a few different officers on a covert mission to assassinate Ansari off the report and declared that the one who would not return can be declared as abandoned troopers of the military. Bidding a tearful bye to Noor who wished to inform him of the reality as soon as he returned, Ram departed for his mission and alongside along with his crew, managed to efficiently kill Ansari in Pakistan. However, when attempting to rescue Waheeda from the hearth, Ram and Vishnu have been arrested by the then-Army General Abu Tariq, who was compassionate in the direction of each of them and requested the Indian diplomat Rahul Varma to commerce the Pakistani prisoners in India with Ram and Vishnu. However, the Pakistani Army solely wished to launch one of many two, and ultimately, Vishnu was despatched to India at Ram’s behest. At current, Vishnu reveals to Afreen that publish that incident, the Pakistani military orchestrated assaults on Indian Army Bases in Kashmir killing 32 troopers which made the military presume that Ram was a traitor and Noor needed to bear the humiliation for that misinterpretation. However, Vishnu expresses his belief in Ram and in addition discloses to Afreen that she is Waheeda, whom Ram tried to guard and due to whom he was separated from Noor. Afreen is devastated.

Meanwhile, Balaji delivers the letter to Noor, who has been residing her life with Ram’s recollections, and thru the letters, learns that the Pakistani Army put a condition on Ram and Vishnu who would reveal the main points about Indian Army bases in Kashmir can be launched. When Ram refused to, Vishnu gave in to guard Vaidehi and his youngsters from the terrorists. This was why he has been residing his life in remorse, stopped Afreen, and doesn’t need the letter to be delivered to Noor. Noor learns that Ram was executed in jail through the letter and distraught, she additionally finds a newspaper clipping hooked up to it that was printed by Marthandam revealing that Ram knew who Noor was but didn’t care about her faith; such was his love. Noor, through the letter, exposes Vishnu inflicting an inquiry committee to be arranged on him, and goes to fulfill Afreen, to whom she reveals that Ram is useless. Afreen blames herself and hugs Noor. While Vishnu shoots himself along with his service revolver out of shame, Noor receives a medal from Ram from the President of India with Afreen restoring his status within the military.

Afreen is revealed to have apologized to Mehta and in addition, has 18 prisoners of India launched from Pakistan’s jail.

Sita Ramam Movie

Dulquer Salmaan as Lieutenant Ram Mrunal Thakur as Princess Noor Jahan alias Sita Mahalakshmi Rashmika Mandanna as Afreen alias Waheeda Sumanth as Brigadier Vishnu Sharma (previously CaptainTharun Bhascker as Balaji Sachin Khedekar as late Brigadier Abu Tariq (former Army General) of Pakistani ArmyGautham Vasudev Menon as Major Selvan Prakash Raj as Brigadier Y. K. Joshi Shatru as Lieutenant Vikas Varma Vennela Kishore as Durjoy Sharma Bhumika Chawla as Vaidehi Sharma Rukmini Vijayakumar as Prof. Rekha Bharadwaj Murali Sharma as Subramanyam Ashwath Bhatt as Ansari Tinnu Anand as Anand Mehta Sunil as Vaaradhi, Train Ticket Examiner Priyadarshi Pulikonda as Marthandam Rohini as Vijayalakshmi Jisshu Sengupta as Nawab, Noor Jahan’s brother Abhinaya as Noor Jahan’s sister-in-law Rahul Ravindran as Rahul Varma Pawan Chopra as Pakistani ArmyGeneral Musa Khan Neeraj Kabi as Afreen’s household advocate Ananth Babu as Seetharamaiah, Subramanyam’s colleague Goutham Raju as Ticket Collector in practice to MadrasAnish Kuruvilla as Legal Advisor to Noor Jahan’s elder brother Annapurnamma as House proprietor Praneeta Pattanaik as Radhika, Ram’s namesake sister Mahesh Achanta as Bharathi, Durjoy’s worker Geetha Bhascker as Principal of girls’s faculty Snigdha Bawa as Afreen’s roommate Nayan Rosh T M as Radio Jockey (Voice)

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